Top-Rated Michael Jordan Rookie Cards and NON-RCs (Best of the Best!)

Michael Jordan rookie cards are one of the best investments in the hobby as he is one of the most renowned basketball players of all time. And this is why many fans and enthusiasts aim to collect some premium basketball cards. His best achievements include six NBA championships, five regular-season MVPs, ten scoring titles, and three steals tiles. He has on average 6 rebounds, 30 points, and 5 assists over 1,072 games. So, if you’re interested in collecting the most valuable Michael Jordan basketball cards, keep reading. Next, we share some insights on the best cards to collect!

Best Michael Jordan Rookie Cards

1984–85 Star Company Michael Jordan Rookie Card #101

Experts say that one of the most valuable Michael Jordan basketball cards and one of the rarest is this one from 1984–85. It is believed there are only three in existence graded at 9.5. It is one of the most valuable rookie cards, but it comes with controversy since it is so rare. There is little to no data on this card, but it can turn out to be an investment due to its rarity.

2003 UD Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan Patch Autograph

Best Michael Jordan Rookie Cards
Best Michael Jordan Rookie Cards

Another attractive basketball card is this 2003–04 UD exquisite patch. It stands out since it comes with Michael Jordan autograph, and it is believed there are only 100 of these cards in existence. One of the most recently sold basketball cards from this collection was priced at $30,099.

1985 Prism Jewel Michael Jordan Basketball Card Sticker

In case you didn’t know already, one of the most valuable and unique Michael Jordan collectibles is, in fact, a sticker. Since these were meant to be put on binders and similar items, not many survived. The highest selling price for this 1985 Michael Jordan Prism Jewel was $25,600.

1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card #57

If you’re hunting for one of the most significant cards for modern card collecting, this is it! The 1986–1987 Fleer Michael Jordan is a must-have since it is considered his true rookie card. This is one of the most sought collectibles, and its latest selling price was $23,500.

1997 Metal Universe Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems #23

Another hard to find Michael Jordan basketball card is the Precious Metal Gems. They are so desirable since the first ten cards were green and the final 90 red. So, these don’t surface often, and the green parallel is rarely seen. The average selling price for this was $21,453.

1998 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Game Used Jersey Autograph

The best Michael Jordan cards made are the game cards with six different autographed jersey cards numbered to 23. Jordan signed 23 for Upper Deck, and the cards were randomly inserted into packs. It is one of the most sought collecting because of the exquisite design and signature.

The bottom line

There are numerous Michael Jordan collectibles, but we believe that basketball cards are a must-have for any enthusiast fan. Most of those are rare and were released in limited editions. So, if you stumble upon one of those precious basketball cards, remember that they might be more valuable than you believe!

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